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11/17/08 Student Reflections on Raising Money for Kiva

I think it will be incredible to say that at 10 years old I loaned money to a person who lives in a foreign country and I love that I can help them by loaning to them.

If my parents gave me the money, I would feel that I didn’t really accomplish anything and it would almost e as if I was just investing their money into something for them.

It feels so good to know that even when you do something so simple as a lemonade stand, you can help someone who needs money in another country.

I hope that the person I send the money too uses the money really well and really helps the person.

If my parents gave me money for Kiva, I would feel like I really didn’t make a difference in the world.

I think it was probably worth it to do all that work because people in another country who we will be loaning to probably did more work than I did and earned less money than I did. I think it will really help them when they get the money.

I will be more careful now that I had to earn the money myself then if my mom just gave it to me and now I will be careful who I lend it too.