MK's class page

We had a class discussion prior to Cate Biggs' class talk about poverty. The students came up with the following thoughts.

Why are people or nations poor?

  • Low or no Income
  • Little or no education
  • Corrupt leaders
  • Broken Governments
  • Free from Empires yet no support
  • If people are poor, Nations are poor
  • No Jobs
  • Prison takes people away from life and families
  • Sometimes life is not fair: especially for some races and some genders
  • If there are no products to see or no natural resources there is no money
  • Centuries of War bankrupt a nation
  • Natural Disaster drain resources
  • History of poverty equals continued poverty
  • Few Chances
  • Bad Luck
  • Location
  • Lack of hope, interest or belief

What professions consider the issues of poverty?

  • Politicians
  • Social Activists
  • Doctors
  • Academics and teachers
  • Business People
  • Military
  • Lawyers
  • Police
  • Priest and Rabbis