Calendar for Sustainability Project

Friday 4/17/09--
Matt Flannery talks to the 5th grade about and how he and his wife, Jessica, came up with the idea. Click to watch the video of his presentation to kids.

Friday 3/20/09--
Cate Biggs of World Savvy talks to the 5th grade about global poverty. Click to watch the video of her presentation to kids.

Thursday 12/18--
Kyle and Clara's student make Kiva loans. Click to view the spreadsheet of entrepreneurs' data.

Wednesday 12/17--
MK's class funded Kiva loans. Click to view the spreadsheet of entrepreneurs' data.

Tuesday 12/16--
Using the funding rubric, Jen's class made 18 Kiva loans. Click to view the spreadsheet of entrepreneurs' data.

Thursday, 11/20--
MK's class makes predictions about total amount of funds raised and the bankers count the money.

Tuesday, 11/18--
Gather grade together to assemble Recipes for a Good Life books.

Week of November 10--
Students watch Pennies A Day movie and respond.

As we were looking on the Kiva website today, loans were being fully funded. This happened in minutes. There was one man who was asking for 750 I think, and the whole loan was funded in the 40 minute period.

I think we need to rethink our whole presentation thing, because there is not enough time to consider seriously an entrepreneur’s request, prepare a presentation, and THEN fund it. Maybe they should decide on a part of the world, then research whether loans have been requested. I just asked it to check Africa and there were no loans available.
Jen S.

Ideas for Raising Money for Kiva (Jen's Class)

  • Old clothes you have grown out of: draw or design and sell them
  • Make a book that has tips about saving the environment
  • Do chores around the house that help save energy/water
  • Homemade jerseys
  • Garage sale: sell things you don’t need
  • Make cereal box notebooks – recycled journals!
  • Lemonade stand
  • Bake sale at home
  • Recycled hats – out of fabric, cardboard
  • Old art projects that you don’t want any more; sell them
  • Wooden skate boards (?)
  • Make Halloween costumes out of cardboard boxes
  • Sell your old Halloween costumes: recycle!
  • Make things from Scrap, a store in SF with used materials
  • Make a walking stick out of a branch, carve things in it
  • Knit things out of plastic bags
  • Pillows out of old clothes, quilt from old clothes
  • Make a new Lego construction with instructions
  • Paint an old piece of wood, burn powerful words into the wood
  • Make a Lego skateboard
  • New “livestrong” bracelets
  • Make and sell ice cream
  • Make paper from old paper – wet, grind and press; dry and mold
  • Make blankets out of old t-shirts
  • Make new things out of old, like a pencil holder (Katie)

Thursday, 10/16--Kyle & Clara's class explored what makes a recipe. We brainstormed a word bank of action words and kids began to explore on their own using Web sites - Food Network, Martha Stewart, Epicurious, etc.

Thursday, 10/16--Kat Taylor comes to speak to the entire fifth grade class about microfinance. Here are the notes from her talk.

October - Steve McNamara, the former publisher of Pacific Sun, came to speak to the students about a book he is currently researching and writing which explores the science of goodness, or what makes people choose to do generous or altruistic things in life? He talked about people he is interested in, and many whom he has interviewed, all over the world, who make choices to do things for others at some cost to themselves, and his own curiosity about the impulse behind those choices.