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How has your participation in Kiva changed the way you think about your own life?

Made me feel really lucky because my group desperate for bare necessities
People lived far from towns and had to walk miles each morning to get a bus to go to town to sell used clothes
Made me appreciate my life and how successful my parents are and how they can send me to school and buy me new clothes
Last year my cousins lived in Guatemala, they realized later they wouldn’t buy anything they really didn’t need. It kind of feels that way to me.
I really agree.
After we saw U.N. video, realized we feel sad when we don’t have something. When you think about what other people are going through that makes them sad, you think wow I am a brat. They have a real reason.
We are crying over recess and then they are crying over something really important
They worry about staying alive if they have malaria
Felt like I was actually doing something. I felt like I can do something to help people around the world.

Would you do Kiva again?

Yes, good cause—giving money to the people who need it.
We weren’t giving that much but it did a lot for them because $25 is worth a lot more and we are getting it back
Getting money back and helping someone
Kiva is better organization than Feed the Children because read article about woman from Zimbabwe and she said Aid from Africa really bad and makes poverty cycle go on and on but if you go to Kiva it’s better
I am going to do it again and show my parents that
I don’t think I will because I want to do something else and personally go there because in the village there has to be more people who need money and I want to go there. If I am successful I can do it
When we were doing the sale, a lot of people said that looks interesting and my mom said wow and so I will definitely try to do it again.
I am thinking of going home and doing it today
Not a single person on Kiva was from the U.S.
A lot of people could use it in the U.S.
I disagree – US not like in Africa where kids dying of malnutrition and can’t put kids in school and here we have soup kitchens
If in Africa more of the population is poor but in America have soup kitchens, etc.—not so many tiny little villages
I would prefer Kiva over other companies, because I know who I am lending it to

What does it mean to be a responsible global citizen?

Care about yourself and also care about others
If this community was the classroom, if someone needs more space, you should provide it for them
Work with the community
Not have war and for the whole world to get along
Support eachother
Do what you’re suppose to do – follow the laws
Can’t be greedy
A global citizen gives more than they receive
Think of the world as more of a community – if someone next door needed 2 cups of sugar you would give it to them—if you were to do the world as a community – let’s say in Africa they need money to build a well or school , we would help them
That’s where Kiva comes in to help. It brings the money to the person. You don’t have to do anything but sit at computer.
If you help someone out across the world, you wouldn’t be expecting something back—connecting and helping someone you never met
I think a lot of schools should do this because this would help the global economy- If each kid in every grade donated $25 it could really help a lot of people
But then someone would always be losing money in the public schools
If you give more than you receive, then you should spread it out and not just give it to one person for then that person would be getting too much stuff and not be a good global citizen
A lot of different experiences as an American
A lot of people we are lending to it’s because of us that they need the money
We are destroying people’s habitat
Respect people, don’t ruin their habitat
I don’t think we have to love everybody
I think you do have to love everybody. – I think the only way we will stay out of wars is to love everyone – we have to appreciate them.
Care about someone you don’t like
Impossible to love everyone we have emotions
To be a global citizen have to see the earth as a big picture