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KIVA Personal Fund Raising Proposal and Planning Sheet

Part of the KIVA project involves fundraising so that the class will have money to loan to potential recipients. In addition to selling our recipe books, our fundraising efforts will also involve some personal work.

As a class, we generated some possible ideas for what students could do on their own. They are listed again below as some suggestions. You might decide to do one of those, or come up with your own unique idea not included on the list.

Whatever you decided to do, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Try not to generate waste with your project. The ideal project will create zero waste.
2. This should be your project, not your parents.
3. Everyone will raise different amounts of money (maximum 25 dollars)-that is fine.
4. Money earned will go into a large class fund to be distributed evenly. We will not keep track of how much individual students raise.

Some suggested ideas:

1. Do EXTRA chores around the house/ yard for money.
2. Sell something (i.e. have a stand of some sort).
3. Sell things at a resale shop (books, clothing, toys)
4. Put on a show and charge admission.
5. Make something to sell (remember the waste part).
6. Have a yard sale.
7. Pet-sit/ house-sit/ garden-sit for a neighbor
8. Make a meal for your family.

Fundraising Proposal


Idea for personal fundraising:


Plan- things to think about:

1. Do I need any materials will I for my project?
2. If so, how will I get them?
3. What permission(s) will I need?
4. What adult or friend support will I need (transportation, set-up)?
5. What research will I need to do?
6. What preparations will I need to make?
7. Will my plan cost me anything up front?
8. Will I need to market my idea? How?
9. Is there clean-up involved?

Keeping these questions in mind, write your plan below:

After the students completed their fundraising projects we had them reflect on what they had learned:

Reflections on Raising Money for Kiva.org
Compose a reflection about raising money for our Kiva project. Please consider the following questions:

1. Describe what you did to raise funds. Explain in detail how you planned, what you did to organize your project, how you carried it out. Were there any problems?

2. Did you need any help from your parents or from adults? Tell what help you received.

3. Did it seem difficult or easy to raise the money, or somewhere in between? Please explain.

4. Describe the feelings you had when your first funds came into your hands. What did you think about, what thoughts first crossed your mind?

5. Now that you are about to put your money to help someone who is trying to improve their life and who lives in another country, what are you thinking?

6. Explain how it might feel different if your parents just gave you the money and you didn’t have to raise it.

7. Anything else? Were there any problems you had to overcome? Please describe!