Steve McNamara, the former publisher of the Pacific Sun, spoke to students about a book he is researching and writing about the science of goodness. He has been interviewing extraordinary people to find out why they made altruistic, or generous choices. Many of them decided to use their talents to try to make the world a better place.

Kat Taylor came to speak to students about how credit works (or doesn't). Kat and her husband, Tom Steyer, founded OneCalifornia Bank in Oakland. OneCalifornia's mission is to help improve economic sustainability in the East Bay. Kat explained micro-fiance, loans, and banking. She also introduced us to the five Cs of Credit (Character, Collatoral, Conditions, Capital, Capacity)

Cate Biggs, the founder and editor for World Savvy Monitor, came to speak with students about global poverty. She explained the causes of poverty and the differences between being poor in the United States and a Least Development Nation (LCD). Cate also taught us the five Ps of poverty (Place, Peace, People, Politics, Past).

Erin Dignam, a filmmaker, came to speak with students about the film she helped make called Eight. It is an eight-part film exploring the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The films were made by high-profile directors from all over the world. Her segment was Global Development (the eighth goal) and she made this short film with Wim Wenders. Her segment involved traveling to Bangladesh to interview Muhammad Yunus. She also brought three actors from the film (her adopted daughters from Sierra Leon, Mena and Ami, and her friend, Pendo, who spoke about his experience spending much of his childhood in a Sudanese refugee camp. (recording of her presentation will be uploaded soon)

Laura Scher, co-founder of Credo/Working Assets, also teaches "Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship" at Stanford University. She spoke to students about what social entrepreneurship is and how it can be so powerful.

Matt Flannery, one of the cofounders of came to speak with our students. He told the story about how he came up with the idea for Kiva and recounted his early challenges and explained why he didn't give up, despite all the people who told him that his idea would never work. He also gave us a better idea of how Kiva actually works. (recording of his presentation will be uploaded soon)