Read: 107-147
1. What country was Pakistan fighting with ever since Greg started coming there? What was the fighting about? A big problem resulted from the war? What was it?

2. Few people would argue that Greg is not an extraordinary person. However, he is human, and has his flaws. What are some of Greg’s personal challenges that frustrate some of the Central Asia Institute’s supporters and the CAI board?

3. Reread last week’s entry and make corrections.

4. When Greg addressed U.S. Congress in Washington, what connection does he make between the importance of education and the fight against terrorism?

5. Look at the list below of the qualities of a hero that our Room 9 brainstormed. Pick ONE of the qualities that Greg Mortensen has shown in these chapters. Write a paragraph with at least SIX sentences explaining how Greg has demonstrated the quality you have chosen. Explain with specific examples from the book.

• Inspires others
• Works for change
• Takes risks
• Fights for what they believe in
• Helps make the world better
• Never gives up even if their life is threatened
• Shows courage and bravery
• Has strength of character
• Demonstrates good judgment
• Perseverance

5. Think of one discussion question for our class discussion on Friday. Write down the question and then answer it in at least FOUR SENTENCES.

6.Reread your answers for spelling and punctuation.