Quality of Life

Writing Assignment

We started this lesson with a class discussion:

What are the Essential Elements that Make a Quality Life?

The students also had a homework assignment that asked them to have this discussion with their parent(s).

Outline for this assignment:
I. Label your paper:
A. title (“Quality of Life” or “A Good Life” or “Living Well”)
B. your name and the date.

II. List the five qualities YOU feel are the most important from the list we created as a class.

III. List the qualities YOUR PARENTS told you were their most important for a good life

IV. Now, look at the two lists.
A. What do these lists tell you?
B. How do you compare or contrast with your parents?
C. What do you notice?
D. If your parents had different qualities, why do you think they are different from yours, or why do you think they are the same?

V. Write an answer to this question: do you think the qualities you and your parents chose should be the same for people around the world? Explain why or why not.